The athlete will bring a variety of issues into the office, and by far, the most common syndromes are anxiety, self-doubt and loss of confidence, which has led to a protracted slump. This happens on all levels of sports from the young amateur, to the world's most elite professional. Athletes also can present with depression, burnt out, injury proneness, drug addiction, loneliness or anger. Family and team issues are not uncommon. Symptoms are often treated using a combination of standard suppressive techniques in addition to supportive psychotherapy.

Dr. Ferraro has worked with professional and elite amateur athletes from golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, figure skating, gymnastics, taekwondo, mixed martial arts, cycling, swimming and more. Each sport brings with it special challenges, which must be understood and worked through.

  • Works with Olympic soccer players
  • Works with PGA, LPGA and Korean Tour players
  • Works with internationally ranked fencers
  • Works with WNBA basketball players
  • Works with TaeKwondo and Martial Arts experts
  • Publishes and works with nationally ranked tennis players
  • Experienced in working with squash players and golfers
  • Has worked with figure skaters and gymnasts
  • Works with college swimmers and cyclists
  • Expert in lacrosse psychology