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Publications & Media Work

Dr. Ferraro has publishes extensively in the US, Asia and Europe. He has had syndicated columns in magazines and newspapers and has book chapters on sport psychology. His book Yin & Yang; Tales of Neurotic Golfers is based upon a cartoon strip he has published for the last fifteen years. He has been a regular guest on both national television and radio shows providing commentary on global sporting events like the Super Bowl, the US Open and the Olympics. His worked has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the London Times and Newsday. He was recently featured in the film Six Innings to Destiny where is described in detail the characteristics of the best coaches. Golf Digest has described Dr. Ferraro as "One of the nation's mental game guru's"

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Extensive Publication Portfolio

Dr. Ferraro's influence extends globally through his extensive publication portfolio. With syndicated columns in prestigious magazines and newspapers, along with book chapters on sport psychology, he has shared valuable insights and strategies aimed at enhancing mental performance in athletes. His book, Yin & Yang: Tales of Neurotic Golfers, based on a popular cartoon strip, reflects his longstanding contribution to the field and offers a unique perspective on sports psychology.

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Media Presence and Commentary

Dr. Ferraro is a prominent figure in the media, providing insightful commentary on major sporting events. As a regular guest on national television and radio shows, he offers expert analysis on events like the Super Bowl, the U.S. Open, and the Olympics. His work has been featured in distinguished publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the London Times, and Newsday, showcasing his influence on a global scale.

Recognition and Reviews

Dr. Ferraro's impactful work has garnered recognition and praise from both athletes and media outlets. He was featured in the film Six Innings to Destiny, where he detailed the characteristics of exceptional coaches, highlighting his expertise in sports psychology. Golf Digest has hailed Dr. Ferraro as "One of the nation's mental game gurus," underscoring his reputation. Dr. Ferraro has also recently been honored with the New York Press Association Award for his syndicated column with Blank Slate Media, competing against 4,000 other newspapers.

Explore the wealth of knowledge and insights offered by Dr. Tom Ferraro through his publications and media appearances. Dive into his impactful work in sports psychology for athletes and sports teams, and discover how his expertise can elevate mental performance and success in your sport.

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  • NBC, ABC, WPIX and Fox News Network appearances about Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods and Darryl Strawberry
  • Sirius Radio appearance on the 2016 Superbowl
  • Featured in New York Times on topics ranging from NFL aggression to death wishes in racing car drivers
  • Featured in Wall Street Journal on slump busting in sports and business
  • Featured in London Times on the sports and President Obama
  • Featured in Golf Digest on a variety of subjects including the psychology of forgiveness, what is the right attitude on the golf course and even the psychology of colors.
  • Publishes cross culturally on the psychology of the Asian athlete, the Hispanic athlete, the Irish athlete and the American athlete.
  • Awarded the prestigious ING award for best instructional piece of the year.

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