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What makes me unique?

Dr. Tom Ferraro is a pathfinder in the world of sport psychology by pioneering a paradigm shift in the field. He two books explain in detail how the current state of sport psychology is failing the athlete by emphasizing a superficial, quick-fix surface only approach with cognitive behavioral techniques. Dr. Ferraro has introduced the theories and techniques of psychoanalysis to the world of sports by emphasizing the establishment of ego strength through insight prior to the use of any coping skills. Without ego strength and insight, the athlete is not able to use any coping skills effectively. This is what makes Dr. Ferraro’s approach unique in sports.

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Professional Background

Dr. Tom Ferraro is a highly respected sport performance psychologist with a rich professional background. With a Ph.D. in psychology from SUNY Stony Brook and a board certification as a psychoanalyst, he brings a unique perspective to the world of sports psychology. His extensive experience working with professional teams, coaches, and Olympic athletes across various sports positions him as a trusted authority in mental preparation for athletes.

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Through virtual consultations, personalized interventions, and tailored mental preparation strategies, Dr. Ferraro empowers athletes to overcome challenges, build confidence, and achieve peak performance in their sports.

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Affiliated With

  • A PGA major golf winner who  has been ranked within top ten in the world
  • One of the world’s best female soccer forwards
  • The professional New York Lizards Lacrosse team
  • MMA champion who was ranked within the top ten globally
  • Women’s United Soccer Association team psychologist
  • An All -American Rugby star
  • A dominant  Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tour Edge Golf Company
  • Reali New York luxury clothing brand